New: The Biscuit & Timely Tales

The Biscuit & Timely Tales offers short stories about time—as in running out of time, wasting time as the meter keeps running and going back in time, as in dream time. Author T. L. Needham also presents poems that, like a helium filled balloon, tug at the string of your imagination.

The collection begins with THE BISCUIT—a story about the times when you do the wrong thing for the right reasons and then the right thing for the wrong reasons—and ends with THE RING, which describes traveling with spirits in the car…and not the kind of spirits you drink! These two stories frame short prose with broader themes based on growth and enlightenment, life, death, and the spirit world. The Biscuit & Timely Tales eloquently nudges us to learn to listen to the whispered guidance of spirit friends and family guiding us along the path we are destined to follow on our mission of discovery.


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Cover photo from The Biscuit showing hand holding pocket watch

The She Wolf

A Mind-Expanding Novella by Award-Winning Author T. L. Needham.

Readers Favorite International 2014 Book Awards presented The She Wolf with HONORABLE award in the category of Young Adult–Coming of Age.

When 14-year-old Teddy Bredwell’s dog Chase takes off after a she-wolf in the woods, Teddy fears his beloved pet is gone forever. Despite his parents’ warnings not to venture into the woods alone, Teddy sets out to find his dog—but what he discovers in the shadows of the thick trees is a world beyond this realm and reality. There is a time, just after sundown, when the full moon rises in direct opposition to the setting sun. A time before the sunlight surrenders to the darkness…and the full moon’s glow asserts its will against the dark…and the sky is no longer blue, but not yet black…and hovers in an electric glow of deep indigo. But only on the most rare of nights, the night of the Blue Moon, the Indigo Blue Moon. During this time, deep in the woods, there is a realm where we are no longer here…we are there. We can find ourselves in a space between day and night, between light and dark, between today and tomorrow…between this realm and another. And, perhaps in that time, and that place, we will come upon those who are not from here…but from there.

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“This very special book weaves the most wonderful tapestry around the naivety and trusting nature of youth while on a voyage of discovery. The descriptive writing about the forest and all of its creatures is pure magic and the reader will think he’s right there in the middle experiencing all the adventure and unexpected happenings. It is just the most charming and sweet book.” – Andrea

Kitty Claus


Can Kitty Claus, the meanest cat around, learn what Christmas is all about?

On a snowy Christmas Eve, a fierce cat named Kitty Claws rules over a family of thin, starving mice, keeping them from the tempting treats left out for Santa. But when the father mouse rescues Kitty Claws from danger, their relationship is transformed from one of adversity to a new bond of mutual friendship and Christmas spirit.

Kitty Claus is a delightful story-poem of transformation, courage, and righteous behavior. With beautiful illustrations and endearing characters, this book will be a treasured addition to any family’s library.

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“This is a charming little Christmas story for children. Written as a poem, this story brings to mind the great fantasies that Walt Disney gave us for so many years. The illustrations are childlike … as if to welcome and lead a young reader into and through the story. A great book for a little one.” – Del

When I Was A Child


This multi-award winning, 240 page book, based on a true story, opens on D-Day, June 6, 1944 . . . Louis Pfeifer, an 82nd Airborne paratrooper is about to commit to combat, while he recalls that on Ash Wednesday, 1926, a young couple, Alex and Theresa, left their six children home on the farm. They drove through heavy rains to attend Mass in town. That’s when the temperature dropped fast, and the heavy rain became a snowy windswept blizzard.

Only one of them would survive that night.

Powerful, honest, and unflinching, When I Was a Child is about the suffering that life inflicts–and the bravery that gets us to the other side, becoming much wiser and stronger along the way.

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“I really enjoyed reading When I Was a Child! It is an extraordinary true story of family and familial bonds…but most of all this is a story of a loving relationship between a brother and sister. Somehow they bravely managed to survive and overcome numerous losses and hardships from life on the Kansas prairie to WWII. This powerful book will touch your heart and your spirit, and will make you look at tales from your own family history with a fresh perspective.” -RD

Pesky Poems


PESKY POEMS is a collection of poetry I have written over the past twenty years or so. These poems were inspired by my lifelong love of poetry, and the events of life itself. They are a reflection of my time spent growing up, raising my own children, loves past and present, and friendships won and lost. Plus, animals play a large role too, the furry or feathered, and even a frog or spider is found within. It is my great hope that your will find meaning, be entertained, and perhaps inspired by these “Pesky Poems” and if so, be moved to share them with your friends, children, and loved ones. –T. L. NEEDHAM

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“In his opening poem he writes: [poetry]  ‘renders the soul transparent . . . without a soul–what else would . . . matter?’ Among the lighthearted glimpses of life, from frogs and spiders to cupcakes and sunflowers, Needham subtly weaves his heartbreak, his pain and the understanding he acquires along the way. But this is not a gloomy malediction of life. Rather, you see a soul embracing both the struggles, and the victories with a spirit of mercy and forgiveness, consistently looking for goodness, finding ‘beauty for ashes.'” – Leigh