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The Biscuit & Timely Tales offers short stories about time—as in running out of time, wasting time as the meter keeps running and going back in time, as in dream time. Author T. L. Needham also presents poems that, like a helium filled balloon, tug at the string of your imagination.

The collection begins with THE BISCUIT—a story about the times when you do the wrong thing for the right reasons and then the right thing for the wrong reasons—and ends with THE RING, which describes traveling with spirits in the car…and not the kind of spirits you drink! These two stories frame short prose with broader themes based on growth and enlightenment, life, death, and the spirit world. The Biscuit & Timely Tales eloquently nudges us to learn to listen to the whispered guidance of spirit friends and family guiding us along the path we are destined to follow on our mission of discovery.

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Order your copy of The Biscuit by T. L. Needham